Catching up

Hi all,

I know it’s been quite a while since I last wrote an update so I figured I better catch up now. This summer has been quite an experience for me.

I started the summer off the ice because of an injury to my right ankle. I was off the ice for three of the weeks in June and I was finally able to start back with actual training mid-July. I lost quite a bit of training time and had to withdraw from my home club competition (Braemar McCandless) and the Liberty Open, where I was to be monitored my U.S. Figure Skating). Fortunately, there was enough time left for me to sign up for Silicon Valley Open, which was also a competition that I could be monitored at.

I had about three weeks to train for this competition, but I managed to produce two pleasing performances. My short program was safe, but I executed every element: double Axel, triple flip-triple toe combination and triple lutz. My long was better than my short save for a flawed triple Salchow. I was very pleased with my performances and my monitoring session went great. I came away from the competition with a lot more confidence and a sense of what I needed to continue to work on.

Two weeks after SVO, I had broken in a new pair of skates. I had worn them for just one week before I competed at another competition, the Minnesota State Championships. I had been training pretty well, but definitely did not skate as well as I had expected. The short was an improvement from SVO in the sense that I skated more to the music and was more comfortable with the program, but I turned my combination jump into a triple-double. The long had a mixture of good and bad things, but definitely gave me a direction as to what to work on next.

Now that I have had some time to regroup and get back to the grindstone, things have been going well. I had a minor incident with my ankle injury and the new skates, which forced me to go back to my old pair, but other than that life is great.

I am currently taking Microeconomics online through the University of Minnesota to keep my study habits up a little and I really enjoy it. I never really thought I would miss homework, but I did.  I’m hoping next semester to maybe step it up and take two classes instead of one so I can keep working towards an undergraduate degree and not have it take 15 years, haha.

Another exciting piece of news, I was assigned to Finlandia Trophy in Helsinki, Finland. I leave October 7, and come home October 1. I’m very excited to have this opportunity to compete as a senior man for the first time internationally. It will be a great stepping-stone as I continue to work my way towards my skating dreams.

Thanks for your support,

Alex Johnson

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