Season ending injury

Hi all,

Just wanted to send you all a quick update on my life. After having such a great season last year, I was so excited to get back to work and prepare for the Olympic season. It felt amazing to finally be back on the international scene and to really start taking my skating in the direction I’ve always wanted it to go. This spring, I was training extremely well. I had the opportunity to go work with Frank Carroll a couple of times, my quad toe was right there, and my programs were really developing into something unique. In June however, I twisted my ankle on a triple axel and heard a pop. I thought that I might have just tweaked it again as I’ve been dealing with sprained ankles since 2011. I took three weeks off the ice and it started to feel better, but for some reason it felt looser than normal this time. I ended up getting back on the ice and as I was doing a choreography run through of my short, I felt my ankle pop again on a simple lunge. I decided at this point I really needed to get it looked at because I wasn’t able to train and I felt like I was wasting time. I got an MRI that Friday, got the results Monday, and had surgery three days later. I had completely torn two ligaments in my ankle and the band of fascia that wraps around the joint. At this point, it was necessary that I have surgery if I wanted to have any chance of competing this season. I was quite apprehensive about the surgery, but it was a breeze.

Today, my joint is as stable as can be and I shouldn’t have to worry about spraining my ankle ever again. My doctor used a titanium screw to hold the ligaments in my fibula as well as cadaver tissue to reinforce the support. However, my recovery isn’t going as quickly as expected and I’m not able to do everything that I would like to. I have nerve damage to my leg and it has inhibited my ability to fully use my foot. I have seen handfuls of doctors to try to fix this problem, but the only thing that I can do is wait and let my body heal over time. Needless to say, the past four months have been extremely stressful and emotionally draining as my ability to compete this season has been completely up in the air. At first I thought I was going to be able to compete, but after taking everything into consideration, my coaches and I decided it would be best to sit this season out. Clearly, this has been one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make, but it’s for the best. My ankle has been a problem since 2010 and I really wanted to rid this issue from my life. Now that this is all in the past, I can really focus my energy on recovering and becoming an even stronger skater for the 2014-2015 season. As difficult as it will be to watch Nationals in Boston, I’m still hoping to be there to support all my fellow skaters.

Wishing you all health and happiness,