Two New Programs

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to drop by and give everyone an update on what I’ve been up to this spring. I’m actually on my way home from Atlanta as I had a costume fitting with Brad Griffies for the upcoming season 🙂 I think the costumes are going to turn out pretty neat! Anyways, I have been extremely busy this spring, but I have been loving it. Right after the U.S. Championships, I started taking online classes full time through a community college back home in MN. I’ve really missed pushing myself education wise and am happy I made the decision to get back into school. I am actually going to be taking classes full time this summer and in the Fall as well. It has been quite the adjustment managing school with skating and also trying to teach in my free time, but I think it was a smart decision for me.

On a note with skating, I have two new programs that I am looking forward to debuting at the Broadmoor Open. My short program is to a song called “Trance” and was choreographed by Catarina Lindgren and Christopher Dean. It has a middle eastern vibe to it and it is very snake like. It definitely is one of the most challenging programs I have ever had choreographed, but I truly love it. My long was choreographed by Tom Dickson and is a combination of three pieces. The first piece is titled “The Christ Trilogy” by Havasi, followed by a piece of music that has chanting and saxophone, and ending with “In the act of Creation”. It’s much different from my short in terms of movement and I love the freedom that comes along with the choreography. In the long, we are also working on incorporating a quad toe and since Nationals I have been able to make a lot of progress on it. I’m actually heading to LA on Thursday to work with Mie Hamada  and Ilia Kulik on some of my jumping technique. I’m very excited!

Apart from skating and school, I have been teaching and traveling quite a bit. I taught my first axel this spring and have really enjoyed the teaching aspect of the sport. I also took a trip to Las Vegas with four of my best friends, Alexe Gilles, Piper Gilles, Jamie Wright, and Amber Ruiz. It was my first time visiting and was so much fun. We saw the show Le Rêve and it was incredibly inspiring. Once I finished up all my spring classes, I actually was able to also go to Italy for 10 days to celebrate my 25th birthday. It was an amazing trip and was a much needed break before the summer intensity amps up.

Thank you guys for all your continued support! Hope you all are doing well and enjoyed a glimpse into the world of Alex 🙂