The eight verbs of my 2017-2018 season

The eight verbs of my 2017-2018 season

I haven’t written a journal in a long time due to my busy schedule. Instead of reflecting on my performances at the U.S. Championships (which I feel were not as strong as they could have been), I wanted to share with you a list of the craziness that was going on in my life throughout this season. Here goes nothing…

1. Studying – I took 16 credits during fall semester. Workload was manageable, but definitely took a toll on my sleep schedule.

2. Recruiting – Interviewing for internships this upcoming summer was a lot. From June until October, I was e-mailing, calling, and grabbing coffee with numerous professionals in the finance world. It paid off because I will be interning at Lazard Middle Market this summer (No, this doesn’t mean my skating career is over).

3. Training – No explanation needed here.

4. Traveling – I always feel so fortunate that something I love so much enables me to see the world. This fall it was Germany, Croatia, and even my first-ever trip to NYC.

5. Grieving – My grandmother passed away at age 95. This special lady was prevalent in my life from day one and she is missed dearly. While very sad, she is in a much better place.

6. Celebrating – My sister had a baby! Mason Robert Zinken came into this world right after Camilla left. Uncle Alex couldn’t be more proud of his sister and her husband.

7. Medaling – After 4 years of struggles to get on an international podium, I finally got my game together and came 2nd at Nebelhorn Trophy.

8. Laughing, crying, and everything in between – This season was one of my best yet. I overcame a lot of demons that were holding me back, but it definitely wasn’t 100% glam.

All things aside, I’m thrilled with everything I accomplished both on and off the ice. I may not be representing our country at the Olympics, but I have never been prouder to be a part of U.S. Figure Skating’s incredibly talented group of athletes. Onwards and upwards.

Here’s to a great 2018!


(Photo by Robin Ritoss, taken at Nebelhorn Trophy)