It’s Friday night (April 14) after a long week and while I should be studying for upcoming finals, I’m instead going to update you all on my life.

This spring has been my craziest ever. Once Nationals wrapped up, I dove right back into school. I, for some reason, decided to sign up for 18 credits this semester and boy, has it been wild. Apart from my finance courses and a couple general business classes, I also decided to take Italian. While I don’t know if I’ll ever use the language, it’s been a blast.

On top of the normal training I do and my heavy course load, I’ve also been teaching quite a bit and guest skating in club shows. I love performing so to have the opportunity to perform in eight different shows this spring has been amazing (I still have three of the eight left). As far as programs for next season go, Tom Dickson came in and worked with me for five days on two new pieces. I will be debuting my new short at a local competition here in May and the long a bit later in June.

As well, one of my best friends (also a former skater – Molly Oberstar) is getting married in June so this past weekend we took a trip to Chicago to celebrate her and her fiancé Ben. It was a perfect weekend and a nice break from all the work I’ve been putting into both skating and school.

Anyways, just a few updates for now. Hope this post finds you happy and healthy! Have a great week!