As you know, figure skating is a very expensive sport. I have a great team supporting me, but my father is a police officer and my mother works at the rink where I skate. Needless to say, we are not a wealthy family. I train 6 hours a day 6 days a week. I also travel to five to six out-of-town competitions each year. Hopefully, in the next few years I will be traveling internationally, so the financial burden on my family will only grow. There are several ways that I can accept financial assistance while maintaining eligibility with US. Figure Skating.

I have set up a GoFundMe account to help with my skating expenses. ecfe32be43d3e5c3a6149abebd908e40
I can accept personal donations. Most personal donations are not tax deductable. Donations can be made directly to me, my coach or my parents, or by clicking on the paypal link at the right. 100% of all donations will be used for my skating expenses.  





Contrary to popular belief, figure skaters can have corporate or private sponsorships and still maintain eligibility for the Olympics and international competition. My parents and I would be happy to discuss possible sponsorships in person. Please use the contact form on my website to initiate communication.
Donations can be made via US Figure Skating’s Memorial Fund or the New England Amateur Skating Foundation.
Donations to the Memorial Fund to not go directly to Amber, however donations to NEASF can be earmarked for Amber Glenn.New England Amateur Skating Foundation
P.O. Box 6881
Providence, RI 02940

NEASF is a tax exempt organization whose mission is to help competitive skaters by defraying some of their expenses. The Foundation offers the opportunity of sponsorship to anyone who would like to help with the benefit of being a tax deductible donation. You can e-mail for more information.