A Lot On My Plate (Literally)

August 15, 2014


To update on my last entry, I got my new Paramount blades, and now I feel majestic again! Also, I competed at Skate Detroit and got monitored by judges! My short program was vomit inducing, but I redeemed myself, won the long program, and moved up from 6th to 2nd!!! 😀

In a couple days, I am leaving for my very first Junior Grand Prix in Courchevel, France!!! Right after I get back, I will be celebrating my birthday! I am so excited!!!

I cannot even begin to explain how hard I’ve been working. I am literally a sweaty monster 24/7. I’m constantly rewarding myself with cheesecake or ice cream at the end of the day. I’m almost certain that the ice cream industry is thriving because of me.

My outfits for both programs are now finished! My costume maker, Joey Santos, and I both love rhinestones, so we get along really well. If I had the choice, I would have my costumes dipped in a bucket of glue and completely smothered in rhinestones. My love for sparkly skating costumes is unconditional. I can’t wait to wear mine in France!!!

My choreographer Phillip Mills was here this week to polish all of the outstanding programs he created, including mine! This past year, I’ve been obsessing over improving my component scores. Being a tree with long limbs requires hard work to control them and look fabulous and fierce at the same time. Phillip and one of my primary coaches, Drew Meekins, have had such a great impact on my artistry; I’m so thankful!!!

Hard work, ice cream, unbroken blades, rhinestones, and outstanding choreography are the recipe for success. I’m so thrilled to show everyone what I am capable of!

I’m going to be writing daily blogs during my trip in JGP France on icenetwork.com!!! I’m extremely eager to share my excitement and experiences! Please check out my blogs daily, starting on August 19th! (click here to read Chase’s blog) Thank you! Au revoir!!! 😀