An Update

Hello! To those who are interested in what I do in life, this is an update focusing on the significant changes that have happened since my last blog.

My Final Singles Season

Last season, I had my competitive peak in June, which couldn’t have been further away from the time it actually mattered to peak. Even though I landed a couple quads and had some strong moments, I wouldn’t have given my season a good Yelp review. Sectionals was the last competition of my season. I was upset to see that I got 5th by less than a point, and that was with a time violation. My overall score would’ve won Midwestern Sectionals, and I would’ve qualified in Easterns too. That setback was pretty harsh for me.

During the off season, I had no idea what I was going to do with my life after taking all those L’s and not getting a W. For a hefty period of time I did nothing except eat my triggered emotions away and look at memes. I ate so much pizza that my complexion began to resemble it.

I took an opportunity to do a month long show in New York to see if I wanted to finish competitive skating and move on to the show life. The show had me doing pair work, which I had never done before. Although I had a wonderful time performing and passionately eating, I still had a competitive drive. I knew that I’d regret not using my young and spry body to compete while I could, and I loved it too much to conclude that part of my life.

I came back from New York and took a look at myself in the mirror. I was so out of shape that I reminded myself of a (marshmallow) Peep heated up in the microwave. Even though I was filled with donuts and burgers, I still felt empty and unfulfilled.

I remembered the pair work that I did in the show and that I had a delightful time doing it. One of the people in charge of the show was Tara Modlin, and she informed me that it was the same show that gave Alexa Scimeca (now Knierim) a passion for pairs too. Apparently she was in the same position as I was, on the verge of finishing singles skating and not knowing what to do next. She said that doing pairs in the show was one of the biggest factors to her switch. Her current success speaks for itself. That story stuck with me, and I was inspired to start getting in shape again and take pair lessons.

Learning new pair elements was addicting, and I decided to persevere towards competing in pairs. I let my singles coach Tom Zakrajsek know that I was never doing singles again and switching, and he gave a very enthusiastic and encouraging response. Tom said that he was happy for me and my decision, and that it would be good, since I am 6’1″ and have all my triples.

I am blessed to have accomplished what I did in singles, and am thankful for every moment of it. I am ready and ambitious to move forward.

Looking Ahead

Since January, I have been working nonstop to improve in pairs and have been more motivated than ever. I’m elated to have actual goals to work towards again. Although I do joke around and say silly things, I’m 100% serious when it comes to skating and working as hard as I can.

I am open to training wherever I’d be a good fit. I am still having tryouts and searching for a partner as I’m developing more skills. My ice partner search profile has more specifics about my goals and information:

So far, I have learned every lift off the ice, single twist on the ice, a “death spiral” for one rotation, throw doubles, and the pair spins. The most challenging element has been the death spiral — learning it felt like going to another country and trying to speak a language that you don’t know. However, I am definitely more comfortable with it than when I first started. My favorite pair element that I’ve learned so far (besides the side by side jumps) has been a throw lutz. It’s the most comfortable out of all the throws I’ve learned.

I’m so excited for the future and can’t wait to see where I can go from here.

Thanks to everyone who supports me, I genuinely appreciate it. I will do everything I can to make my goals a reality, and am thankful for everyone who’s a part of my journey.