Another adventurous trip to California

Hello everyone!

Here are the highlights of my adventurous trip to California to compete at Glacier Falls (July 30-31). The first day I arrived in LA, I got a rental car that I paid a dreadful underage fee for. It drove fine and lovely. The next day, I was ready to start my day with Lana Del Rey and Starbucks. When I turned on my car, it made a horrid sloshing noise. I backed out for about 5 seconds before pulling it back in again. All of the oil spilled out of my car! I created an ocean in the parking garage. I sat there in disbelief and misery for 45 minutes before I took action. I had to get the car towed away by a nice mechanic who called me “ma’am” on the phone. It turned out that the rental I was given was faulty. What a way to start the competition week!

The jumps in my short program were a hot mess. My triple axel takeoff felt like one of those floppy inflatables in front of a car dealership. I recovered and nailed the triple lutz/triple toe. Going into my flip, my mind wandered and thought: “If you land this, things will be alright.” Of course, I doubled it because I wasn’t thinking of anything helpful. Despite the mistakes, I skated the program as well as I could, and got my highest component scores ever!

Learning from the errors in the short, I went into the long with a fire and confidence from knowing I was well conditioned from my altitude training in Colorado. The first half had 3 errors, as well as sloppy execution. I recovered in the second half. I strut my stuff in my eggplant colored costume and nailed everything! [You can watch my New World Symphony long program on IceNetwork by clicking here (it starts after the 1 hour-9 minute mark).] Being well-trained paid off. I got 2nd in the free skate, and 3rd overall! It was so encouraging, and it showed that I’m capable of much more!

Spectators and judges told me wonderful things about both of my programs. It was so incredible to hear, because my programs are my favorite that I’ve ever had!

Next on the agenda was to celebrate with Krispy Kreme, and roasting myself on the beach. I’m usually not satisfied with a trip to California unless I get some color and return with the complexion of a pomegranate.

I stayed an extra week to work with my choreographer, Phillip Mills, on my programs. I worked really hard and we fixed the areas that had errors. I also worked on quad toe, and almost landed one! It was so exciting!

One of the rinks that Phillip works at is the same rink that the famous Mr. Nicks coaches at. One day, a skater brought pizza in for everyone to enjoy, so I indulged. It was magical. Mr. Nicks witnessed my joy and referred to me as “Pizza Boy” for the rest of the trip. It made my life.

I had a glorious time enjoying my favorite place in the world [click here to view a photo I tweeted of my newest favorite shirt!], and got a lot accomplished. I’m so motivated to move forward and build from this competition, and get ready for the Salt Lake Challenge next month! Thanks for the support!

-Chase 🙂