Too Many Donuts!


Hi everyone! I am so excited that I have my very own website! Right now, I am in my off season, but I definitely do not have a break. I am working incredibly hard every practice to get my triple axel. Despite eating ice cream and donuts every day, I’m still somehow in the best shape of my life. I am getting closer and closer to landing it! A couple days ago, I broke my “indestructible” blade while skating. The toe pick on my right skate was ripped off. Maybe eating ice cream and donuts was a mistake. I refused to take steps back on the development of my axel, so I am currently skating with a temporary replacement blade. It is a different color, and a different length. I am practicing well, and my triple axels will be recorded and given a high-speed analysis later in the week. I can’t wait!

Thank you for reading my first blog, I am thrilled to see what these next couple weeks of hard work give me, and I will keep giving updates!

-Chase (AKA Beyoncé)