An Update

Hello! To those who are interested in what I do in life, this is an update focusing on the significant changes that have happened since my last blog.

My Final Singles Season

Last season, I had my competitive peak in June, which couldn’t have been further away from the time it actually mattered to peak. Even though I landed a couple quads and had some strong moments, I wouldn’t have given my season a good Yelp review. Sectionals was the last competition of my season. I was upset to see that I got 5th by less than a point, and that was with a time violation. My overall score would’ve won Midwestern Sectionals, and I would’ve qualified in Easterns too. That setback was pretty harsh for me.

During the off season, I had no idea what I was going to do with my life after taking all those L’s and not getting a W. For a hefty period of time I did nothing except eat my triggered emotions away and look at memes. I ate so much pizza that my complexion began to resemble it.

I took an opportunity to do a month long show in New York to see if I wanted to finish competitive skating and move on to the show life. The show had me doing pair work, which I had never done before. Although I had a wonderful time performing and passionately eating, I still had a competitive drive. I knew that I’d regret not using my young and spry body to compete while I could, and I loved it too much to conclude that part of my life.

I came back from New York and took a look at myself in the mirror. I was so out of shape that I reminded myself of a (marshmallow) Peep heated up in the microwave. Even though I was filled with donuts and burgers, I still felt empty and unfulfilled.

I remembered the pair work that I did in the show and that I had a delightful time doing it. One of the people in charge of the show was Tara Modlin, and she informed me that it was the same show that gave Alexa Scimeca (now Knierim) a passion for pairs too. Apparently she was in the same position as I was, on the verge of finishing singles skating and not knowing what to do next. She said that doing pairs in the show was one of the biggest factors to her switch. Her current success speaks for itself. That story stuck with me, and I was inspired to start getting in shape again and take pair lessons.

Learning new pair elements was addicting, and I decided to persevere towards competing in pairs. I let my singles coach Tom Zakrajsek know that I was never doing singles again and switching, and he gave a very enthusiastic and encouraging response. Tom said that he was happy for me and my decision, and that it would be good, since I am 6’1″ and have all my triples.

I am blessed to have accomplished what I did in singles, and am thankful for every moment of it. I am ready and ambitious to move forward.

Looking Ahead

Since January, I have been working nonstop to improve in pairs and have been more motivated than ever. I’m elated to have actual goals to work towards again. Although I do joke around and say silly things, I’m 100% serious when it comes to skating and working as hard as I can.

I am open to training wherever I’d be a good fit. I am still having tryouts and searching for a partner as I’m developing more skills. My ice partner search profile has more specifics about my goals and information:

So far, I have learned every lift off the ice, single twist on the ice, a “death spiral” for one rotation, throw doubles, and the pair spins. The most challenging element has been the death spiral — learning it felt like going to another country and trying to speak a language that you don’t know. However, I am definitely more comfortable with it than when I first started. My favorite pair element that I’ve learned so far (besides the side by side jumps) has been a throw lutz. It’s the most comfortable out of all the throws I’ve learned.

I’m so excited for the future and can’t wait to see where I can go from here.

Thanks to everyone who supports me, I genuinely appreciate it. I will do everything I can to make my goals a reality, and am thankful for everyone who’s a part of my journey.


Hard work, calories and other important ingredients for a blessed off-season

May 31, 2016

Howdy! My life is a whirlpool of experiences and aggressive food eating. So much has happened since Nationals in January.

To begin, I feel obligated to address my Nationals performance. Leading up to the event, I was riddled with injuries. Although this sounds like an excuse for my unideal performances, I take full credit for not being able to use mental strength to overcome those hurdles. I remember right before my very mediocre and tense short program, telling my coaches, ‘I feel good.’ We all knew I was desperately trying to mask my anxiety. I actually felt like rabid animals were ferociously trying to eat me alive. The positives were that I was able to (semi) stand up on a quadruple toe, enjoy every second of performing, and use this to learn and improve!

Following Nationals, I got some much needed rest to heal up and focus on how I can reach my full potential. Since then, my love for the sport has prevailed, and caused me to work harder than ever before to make progress! I went crazy and decided to work out almost every day to get rid of the off-season pudge. I started working on quadruple Salchow on the harness and refining my other jumps! Everything seemed to be going right.
The Pneumonia
In March, things were looking peachy and dandy. Phillip Mills was scheduled to choreograph my programs in the middle of the month. The very day that Phillip arrived in Colorado, I fell deathly ill. Being raised in a military family, and having the mindset of a psychopath, I decided to push through it and hope things magically got better. Because Phillip was flown in for one week only, I convinced myself that I was fine so that we could complete the programs. I started my long with Phillip, which is Jekyll & Hyde (the musical). He told me that my eyes looked yellow because I was so sick, and took a video of me going through the choreography. I looked gruesome. I’m surprised that the little children on the ice didn’t start crying at the sight of my unsettling face. The good news was that I literally got into the character of Hyde, who is a filthy and abhorrent monster. In the middle of the week, I needed to go to the hospital. Ignoring my symptoms was a horrid idea. The doctors diagnosed me with pneumonia and provided me with a plethora of medicine to get me through the next couple of weeks. Phillip and I decided to push the completion of both of my programs to the week after, in California.

Carly Gold and I (with Luke Chilcott and Billy Littlefield) at the World Championships

By the time I was in California, I was so much better. The first day I arrived there, I skated with the lovely Carly and Gracie Gold at the Toyota Sports Center. I have a theory that their beautiful presence cured my pneumonia all the way. Phillip and I created my new short program titled “Last Days” by Max Richter. It is some of my favorite music of all time. The songs are from the TV show “The Leftovers”. Unfortunately, it’s about the leftovers of the human race, not leftovers from dinner. Both of my programs are my favorites that I’ve ever had, and I’m ELATED to show them to everyone this season.
Hanging with Japan's Shoma Uno

Hanging with Japan’s Shoma Uno

2016 Worlds
After finishing my programs, I got the delightful opportunity to go to the World Championships in Boston to watch all my favorite skaters. It was so inspirational and mind-blowing. All my friends and all the best skaters were in one place, I was freaking out. I was standing in line at the Starbucks at the main hotel, and Guillaume Cizeron, who won a second ice dance world title the day before, stood behind me in line. I almost collapsed a lung, and struggled to keep it together. It was so cool. Worlds was a blessed experience that I’ll never forget!
My coach, Tom Zakrajsek and I

My choreographer, Phillip Mills

My First Competition
Soon enough, training started for my first competition in Santa Fe. I woke up one morning and decided that I was going to get it together. I scheduled to get my eyebrows threaded, something that I had never done before. It changed my life and truly opened my eyes. I’m ashamed that my mom didn’t prioritize getting my eyebrows done when I was a newborn baby.
I started working so hard.  I’ve never been in this kind of shape so early in the season. Beyoncé’s Lemonade has been blessing me and my soul through the training process. My cardio is pretty much a Beyoncé concert.
On May 20, I officially began my 2016-2017 season. Because of the old condition of my boots, I needed duct tape to support myself when I skated leading up to the competition. Right before I tied my skates to debut my short program, I (brainlessly) ran out of tape, and the only thing the rink could provide was scotch tape. During the six-minute warm up, I felt all the scotch tape rip. Usually, I would let competition adrenaline carry me through the event. I let “first competition anxiety” possess me, and I threw away all of my Pilates training, resulting in me skating my short program like a freshly cooked spaghetti noodle. I got two invalid elements, by tripping on a spin and a jump take off. I left an obnoxious amount of points on the table and could’ve easily gotten a much higher score. I went to my hotel room that night, took out a face cleanser, and exfoliated the failure out of my pores.
The next day, I was intelligent enough to bring extra tape for my skates, and my long program was heaps better. I made two silly mistakes, but nailed most of my jumps and presented my program much better than the short, I’m blissful with the performance. The exfoliating worked! I am thrilled with the way I started this season, and can’t wait to take steps up from here to work hard and slay.
Looking Forward
I renewed all my equipment, which are my Edea Concertos and John Wilson Blades. My costumes will be done by Brad Griffies, and my first important competition will be Broadmoor Open. I’m so enthusiastic and motivated to compete this year, and I’m working hard to reach a new level with my skating.
Thanks to everyone for reading and supporting me!😘

Another adventurous trip to California

Hello everyone!

Here are the highlights of my adventurous trip to California to compete at Glacier Falls (July 30-31). The first day I arrived in LA, I got a rental car that I paid a dreadful underage fee for. It drove fine and lovely. The next day, I was ready to start my day with Lana Del Rey and Starbucks. When I turned on my car, it made a horrid sloshing noise. I backed out for about 5 seconds before pulling it back in again. All of the oil spilled out of my car! I created an ocean in the parking garage. I sat there in disbelief and misery for 45 minutes before I took action. I had to get the car towed away by a nice mechanic who called me “ma’am” on the phone. It turned out that the rental I was given was faulty. What a way to start the competition week!

The jumps in my short program were a hot mess. My triple axel takeoff felt like one of those floppy inflatables in front of a car dealership. I recovered and nailed the triple lutz/triple toe. Going into my flip, my mind wandered and thought: “If you land this, things will be alright.” Of course, I doubled it because I wasn’t thinking of anything helpful. Despite the mistakes, I skated the program as well as I could, and got my highest component scores ever!

Learning from the errors in the short, I went into the long with a fire and confidence from knowing I was well conditioned from my altitude training in Colorado. The first half had 3 errors, as well as sloppy execution. I recovered in the second half. I strut my stuff in my eggplant colored costume and nailed everything! [You can watch my New World Symphony long program on IceNetwork by clicking here (it starts after the 1 hour-9 minute mark).] Being well-trained paid off. I got 2nd in the free skate, and 3rd overall! It was so encouraging, and it showed that I’m capable of much more!

Spectators and judges told me wonderful things about both of my programs. It was so incredible to hear, because my programs are my favorite that I’ve ever had!

Next on the agenda was to celebrate with Krispy Kreme, and roasting myself on the beach. I’m usually not satisfied with a trip to California unless I get some color and return with the complexion of a pomegranate.

I stayed an extra week to work with my choreographer, Phillip Mills, on my programs. I worked really hard and we fixed the areas that had errors. I also worked on quad toe, and almost landed one! It was so exciting!

One of the rinks that Phillip works at is the same rink that the famous Mr. Nicks coaches at. One day, a skater brought pizza in for everyone to enjoy, so I indulged. It was magical. Mr. Nicks witnessed my joy and referred to me as “Pizza Boy” for the rest of the trip. It made my life.

I had a glorious time enjoying my favorite place in the world [click here to view a photo I tweeted of my newest favorite shirt!], and got a lot accomplished. I’m so motivated to move forward and build from this competition, and get ready for the Salt Lake Challenge next month! Thanks for the support!

-Chase 🙂

New season, new programs

Hello!!! Since my last update, I’ve had quite an eventful off-season.

After Nationals, I had a meeting with my coaches and set a plan for this season, so that the atrocity that happened in Greensboro would never happen again. I have been taking both group and private ballet classes on a regular basis, as well as Pilates and dance classes. My goal is to stop looking like a plastic Walmart bag and to start looking like a Chanel bag.

I traveled to sunny California to work with Frank Carroll and Phillip Mills. Frank gave me incredible tips and knowledge. One of my favorite quotes from him is what he said when I would neglect technique on my jumps: “You look like a crazy Indian man with a hatchet.” Oh dear. That has to be changed. I learned so much, and I loved working with him!

Working with Phillip was magical. I got my new long program done with him, and everything worked so wonderfully. The music is New World Symphony by Dvorak, and it is by far my favorite program I’ve ever gotten. I can’t wait to show the program to everyone! California was definitely a successful and productive trip!

Fun fact, the west coast is known for their great cupcakes. So naturally, I ate 32. I have pictures to prove it, in case anyone doubts my abilities.

After I returned to Colorado, Phillip came to work with all the Broadmoor skaters, and created a short program for me. It’s called “La Muerte Del Angel” [Astor Piazzolla, performed] by Devich Trio. It’s a theme that I’ve never, ever done before, it’s definitely going to expand my range of artistry. The character I’m portraying is dramatic and fierce, two things I deeply enjoy being. I really, really love my new programs!

Two weeks ago, Professor Alexei Mishin came to my rink to work with Tom Zakrajsek’s students. He brought 6 of his best skaters, including the reigning world champion, Elizaveta Tuktamysheva. It was phenomenal and so inspiring! Mishin gave me so many tips on my triple axel, I had a breakthrough and almost landed it! I’m so thankful that he shared his knowledge with me and the other skaters – this was one of the coolest weeks ever!

This past weekend, I competed for the first time of the season! My short program had an unfortunate mistake – I got confused and went the opposite way for 90% of the program. My choreography was designed to project to the judges; so I was uncomfortably trying to contort my body in weird shapes, like a human pretzel, to try to still make that happen. Because of the anxiety that occurred, my jumps had some issues. I still had a fantastic time performing, and I got my highest components ever, by far!!!

My long program had some small errors, including a belly flop in my footwork that had me sliding on the ice like a seal. Despite that, there were great moments in the program that completely outshone everything else! A friend told me to think of a milkshake during the slow, pretty part of my program, so I did. It worked because right after I thought of it, I nailed both my triple/triples. My score was almost a personal best, and like the short, my components surpassed any other artistry score I’ve ever gotten! My ballet classes have really been paying off!

Despite a couple mistakes, I loved every second of competing, and I was so happy to show my passion and my love for these programs! I think this competition was a lovely way to start the season, as it reflected all of my hard work since Nationals. I learned a lot, and I can’t wait to improve from there!!!

Currently, I’m switching to my gorgeous John Wilson blades, and new Edea boots! I’m also going to start getting my costumes made. Thank you so much John Wilson Blades, and the Edea team for my amazing equipment! Also, thanks to the fabulous Kelsey Barnes for designing my costumes for the past 2 years, I’m thrilled to see how my new ones turn out!

Now my focus is on landing my triple axel, and competing at Broadmoor Open, which is next month. I’m so excited!!!

Thanks for all of the support!

-Bey (Beyoncé, a.k.a. Chase)

A Lot On My Plate (Literally)

August 15, 2014


To update on my last entry, I got my new Paramount blades, and now I feel majestic again! Also, I competed at Skate Detroit and got monitored by judges! My short program was vomit inducing, but I redeemed myself, won the long program, and moved up from 6th to 2nd!!! 😀

In a couple days, I am leaving for my very first Junior Grand Prix in Courchevel, France!!! Right after I get back, I will be celebrating my birthday! I am so excited!!!

I cannot even begin to explain how hard I’ve been working. I am literally a sweaty monster 24/7. I’m constantly rewarding myself with cheesecake or ice cream at the end of the day. I’m almost certain that the ice cream industry is thriving because of me.

My outfits for both programs are now finished! My costume maker, Joey Santos, and I both love rhinestones, so we get along really well. If I had the choice, I would have my costumes dipped in a bucket of glue and completely smothered in rhinestones. My love for sparkly skating costumes is unconditional. I can’t wait to wear mine in France!!!

My choreographer Phillip Mills was here this week to polish all of the outstanding programs he created, including mine! This past year, I’ve been obsessing over improving my component scores. Being a tree with long limbs requires hard work to control them and look fabulous and fierce at the same time. Phillip and one of my primary coaches, Drew Meekins, have had such a great impact on my artistry; I’m so thankful!!!

Hard work, ice cream, unbroken blades, rhinestones, and outstanding choreography are the recipe for success. I’m so thrilled to show everyone what I am capable of!

I’m going to be writing daily blogs during my trip in JGP France on!!! I’m extremely eager to share my excitement and experiences! Please check out my blogs daily, starting on August 19th! (click here to read Chase’s blog) Thank you! Au revoir!!! 😀


Too Many Donuts!


Hi everyone! I am so excited that I have my very own website! Right now, I am in my off season, but I definitely do not have a break. I am working incredibly hard every practice to get my triple axel. Despite eating ice cream and donuts every day, I’m still somehow in the best shape of my life. I am getting closer and closer to landing it! A couple days ago, I broke my “indestructible” blade while skating. The toe pick on my right skate was ripped off. Maybe eating ice cream and donuts was a mistake. I refused to take steps back on the development of my axel, so I am currently skating with a temporary replacement blade. It is a different color, and a different length. I am practicing well, and my triple axels will be recorded and given a high-speed analysis later in the week. I can’t wait!

Thank you for reading my first blog, I am thrilled to see what these next couple weeks of hard work give me, and I will keep giving updates!

-Chase (AKA Beyoncé)