New season, new programs

Hello!!! Since my last update, I’ve had quite an eventful off-season.

After Nationals, I had a meeting with my coaches and set a plan for this season, so that the atrocity that happened in Greensboro would never happen again. I have been taking both group and private ballet classes on a regular basis, as well as Pilates and dance classes. My goal is to stop looking like a plastic Walmart bag and to start looking like a Chanel bag.

I traveled to sunny California to work with Frank Carroll and Phillip Mills. Frank gave me incredible tips and knowledge. One of my favorite quotes from him is what he said when I would neglect technique on my jumps: “You look like a crazy Indian man with a hatchet.” Oh dear. That has to be changed. I learned so much, and I loved working with him!

Working with Phillip was magical. I got my new long program done with him, and everything worked so wonderfully. The music is New World Symphony by Dvorak, and it is by far my favorite program I’ve ever gotten. I can’t wait to show the program to everyone! California was definitely a successful and productive trip!

Fun fact, the west coast is known for their great cupcakes. So naturally, I ate 32. I have pictures to prove it, in case anyone doubts my abilities.

After I returned to Colorado, Phillip came to work with all the Broadmoor skaters, and created a short program for me. It’s called “La Muerte Del Angel” [Astor Piazzolla, performed] by Devich Trio. It’s a theme that I’ve never, ever done before, it’s definitely going to expand my range of artistry. The character I’m portraying is dramatic and fierce, two things I deeply enjoy being. I really, really love my new programs!

Two weeks ago, Professor Alexei Mishin came to my rink to work with Tom Zakrajsek’s students. He brought 6 of his best skaters, including the reigning world champion, Elizaveta Tuktamysheva. It was phenomenal and so inspiring! Mishin gave me so many tips on my triple axel, I had a breakthrough and almost landed it! I’m so thankful that he shared his knowledge with me and the other skaters – this was one of the coolest weeks ever!

This past weekend, I competed for the first time of the season! My short program had an unfortunate mistake – I got confused and went the opposite way for 90% of the program. My choreography was designed to project to the judges; so I was uncomfortably trying to contort my body in weird shapes, like a human pretzel, to try to still make that happen. Because of the anxiety that occurred, my jumps had some issues. I still had a fantastic time performing, and I got my highest components ever, by far!!!

My long program had some small errors, including a belly flop in my footwork that had me sliding on the ice like a seal. Despite that, there were great moments in the program that completely outshone everything else! A friend told me to think of a milkshake during the slow, pretty part of my program, so I did. It worked because right after I thought of it, I nailed both my triple/triples. My score was almost a personal best, and like the short, my components surpassed any other artistry score I’ve ever gotten! My ballet classes have really been paying off!

Despite a couple mistakes, I loved every second of competing, and I was so happy to show my passion and my love for these programs! I think this competition was a lovely way to start the season, as it reflected all of my hard work since Nationals. I learned a lot, and I can’t wait to improve from there!!!

Currently, I’m switching to my gorgeous John Wilson blades, and new Edea boots! I’m also going to start getting my costumes made. Thank you so much John Wilson Blades, and the Edea team for my amazing equipment! Also, thanks to the fabulous Kelsey Barnes for designing my costumes for the past 2 years, I’m thrilled to see how my new ones turn out!

Now my focus is on landing my triple axel, and competing at Broadmoor Open, which is next month. I’m so excited!!!

Thanks for all of the support!

-Bey (Beyoncé, a.k.a. Chase)