G2C and Skate Milwaukee

I just finished a very busy week consisting of G2C (Grassroots to Champions) camp and Skate Milwaukee. My home rink hosted the camp and I was thrilled to be a part of it. Jordan Moeller, Mirai Nagasu, Madison Hubbell, and Zach Donohue were all at the camp along with an amazing coaching staff. Throughout the week I worked with Tom Zakrajsek, Audrey Weisiger, Nick Perna, Kori Ade, and Pasquale Camerlengo. After working with these coaches through Thursday I headed to Milwaukee, WI for Skate Milwaukee. Ashley Cain and Barbie Long also competed and it was fun to see them! I competed my short on Friday which we kept as Firebird. I tried a triple toe-triple toe for the first time in competition and did a great program. I competed my new long program today! My music is “Perseverance” by Michele McLaughlin and “Illumination” by Jennifer Thomas. It is a strong piano piece and I am in love with the program. I was very happy with how my first competition turned out. My next step is Skate Detroit! image