Counting down to Detroit

I just finished up Midwestern Sectional Championships. I had a rough short program making mistakes on all three of my jumping passes. I was in 6th place heading into the free program. I skated a decent free program with two mistakes and moved up to 4th place which qualified me for the U.S. Championships. The Championships will be in Detroit, which is only about an hour away from my hometown, so I am thrilled to have the opportunity to compete. I am so thankful for all that I learned during the week of competition and look forward to training hard.

I also want to give a quick update about everything else in my world. I am currently taking 12 credits at Michigan State University for my sports psychology major. Juggling a full class load, training, and coaching has kept me very busy this fall. I also live on campus with two of my best friends. Not only does this put me walking distance from my classes, but I also live less than five minutes from my rink. I recently adopted a kitten from the animal shelter. His name is Peanut and I am so in love. He loves to cuddle, but most of the time is full of energy and is running around my house.

I am working hard on my preparation for U.S. Championships. I plan to continue developing my programs and improve my interpretation. My short music is “La Rosa” by Vale Tango. I choreographed the program myself and I am excited for you all to see it. My free music is “Rain, in Your Black Eyes” by Ezio Bosso. Daniil Barantsev choreographed the free program. I can’t wait to skate at U.S. Championships in my home state of Michigan this January. The hard work continues daily as I count down the days until competition.