2017 U.S. Adult Championships
April 18-22, 2017
Jordan won the Adult Bronze Dance event with his partner: click here for results
Wake Forest, North Carolina

6th Annual One Skate at a Time Show
April 29, 2017
Crestwood, Illinois
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2016-2017 (Senior)
Challenge Cup (The Hague, Netherlands) –2nd
U.S. Championships (Kansas City, Missouri)–10th
Midwestern Sectional (Colorado Springs, Colorado)–1st

2015-2016 (Senior)
U.S. Championships (St. Paul, Minnesota)–Withdrew due to injury
Midwestern Sectional (Strongville, Ohio)–3rd
Ice Challenge (Graz, Austria)–7th

2014-2015 (Senior)
U.S. Championships (Greensboro, North Carolina)–13th
Midwestern Sectional (Geneva, Illinois)–1st
U.S. International Figure Skating Classic (Salt Lake City, Utah)–7th

2013-2014 (Junior)
ISU World Junior Championships (Sofia, Bulgaria)–9th
U.S. Championships (Boston, Massachusetts)–2nd
Midwestern Sectional–1st
Junior Grand Prix-Poland–6th
Junior Grand Prix-Riga–9th
Val Gardena Spring Trophy–1st

U.S. Championships (Omaha, Nebraska)–5th
Midwestern Sectional–1st

Upper Great Lakes Regional–1st
Midwestern Sectional–5th

2010-2011 (Novice)
U.S. Championships (Greensboro, North Carolina)–2nd
Midwestern Sectional–3rd
Upper Great Lakes Regional–2nd

2009-2010 (Intermediate)
U.S. Junior Championships–1st