Programs Overview:  Nathan’s current programs are choreographed by Shae-Lynn Bourne (short program), Marie-France Dubreuil and Samuel Chouinard (free skate). In his career, Nathan has also skated programs choreographed by Lori Nichol, Marina Zoueva, Nadia Kanaeva, Nikolai Morozov, Stephanee Grosscup, Genia Chernyshova and Karel Kovar.

2018-2019 SEASON
Short program: “Caravan” performed by Boston Brass
Choreographer: Shae-Lynn Bourne
Free program: “Land of All” by Woodkid
Choreographer: Marie-France Dubreuil & Samuel Chouinard

2017-2018 SEASON
Short program: “Nemesis” by Benjamin Clementine
Choreographers: Shae-Lynn Bourne
Free program: Mao’s Last Dancer (2009 film soundtrack) by Christopher Gordon
Choreographer: Lori Nichol

2016-2017 SEASON (Senior international debut)

Short program: Le Corsaire (ballet) by Adolphe Adam
Free program: “Polovtsian Dances” (from Prince Igor) by Alexander Borodin
Choreographers: Marina Zoueva (SP), Nadia Kanaeva (FP)

2015-2016 SEASON (Senior level in U.S.; Junior level internationally in fall)

Short program: “Smile” & “Smooth Criminal” by Michael Jackson
Free program: Symphony No. 3 in C minor by Camille Saint-Saëns
Choreographers: Nadia Kanaeva (SP), Nikolai Morozov (FP)

2014-2015 SEASON (Senior level in U.S.; Junior level internationally)

Short program:  “Smile” & “Smooth Criminal” by Michael Jackson
Free program:  Piano Concerto No. 1 in E minor by Frédéric Chopin
Choreographer: Nadia Kanaeva


2013-2014 SEASON (Junior level)
Short program:  “Four Seasons” by Antonio Vivaldi
Free program:  “Chattanooga Choo Choo” by Glenn Miller and Selections from Porgy & Bess by George Gershwin
Choreographer: Nadia Kanaeva


2012-2013 SEASON (Junior level)
Short program: “Praeludium and Allegro” by Fritz Kreisler (choreographed by Nadia Kanaeva, Rafael Arutyunyan)
Free program:  Music from The Three Musketeers soundtrack (choreographed by Stephanee Grosscup)


2011-2012 SEASON (Junior level)
Short program:  Music from Wall-E soundtrack (choreographed by Stephanee Grosscup)
Free program:  Music from The Godfather soundtrack by Nino Rota (choreographed by Genia Chernyshova)


2010-2011 SEASON (Novice level)
Short program:  Music from the Rawhide soundtrack (choreographed by Genia Chernyshova)
Free program:  “Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2” by Franz Liszt (choreographed by Genia Chernyshova)


2009-2010 SEASON (Novice level)
Short program:  Music from the Kung Fu Panda soundtrack (choreographed by Stephanee Grosscup)
Free program:  “Peter and the Wolf” by Sergei Prokofiev (choreographed by Genia Chernyshova)


2008-2009 SEASON (Intermediate)
Short program: The Nutcracker (choreographed by Stephanee Grosscup)
Free program: Music from the Transformers soundtrack (choreographed by Stephanee Grosscup)


2007-2008 SEASON (Juvenile)
Free program:  The Nutcracker (choreographed by Karel Kovar)


2006-2007 SEASON (Juvenile)
Free program:  Jupiter (choreographed by Karel Kovar)


2005-2006 SEASON (Preliminary)
Free program:  Music from A Bug’s Life soundtrack (choreographed by Karel Kovar)


2004-2005 SEASON (Pre-Preliminary)
Free program:  Three Blind Mice (choreographed by Stephanee Grosscup)


2003-2004 SEASON (Basic Skills)
Free program: Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah (choreographed by Stephanee Grosscup)