Lysacek’s ‘lyrical’ samba misses mark

Ballroom dancer Katrina Burch sat down with Figure Skaters Online to evaluate Olympic Champion Evan Lysacek and partner Anna Trebunskaya’s samba, which the couple performed on last night’s Dancing with the Stars. Team Evanna performed last among the couples, who performed various dances to songs from movie soundtracks.

Oh man…

I love Evan and I always will but his Samba last night was not great. It was very very lyrical and what I like to call a Lyrical Samba. I think the issue was that Evan is 6’2 and most of the time that just doesn’t lend itself to make it easy to samba. He was very technical but it wasn’t a samba. I think Evan will stay but Samba just isn’t his dance. Its quite alright. Every winner of the show has had one (or even more in some cases) dance that just doesn’t work for them. Samba is Evan’s.

The best Samba was Erin Andrews and Maks while the worst was Jake and Chelsie. The best Argentine Tango was done by Pam and Damian. I thought the worst was Chad and Cheryl.


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