Evan Lysacek tangos to the top

Ballroom dancer Katrina Burch sat down with Figure Skaters Online to evaluate Olympic Champion Evan Lysacek and partner Anna Trebunskaya’s tango, which the couple performed on last night’s Dancing with the Stars. Team Evanna performed second among the couples, who performed either the tango or the rumba.

Evan’s performance tonight on Dancing with the Stars was a very good performance. The opening to his Tango was a great opening and I really enjoyed the chair. He did have a little mis-step towards the beginning but it wasn’t’ major. His frame was better, although that really hasn’t been an issue for him. His posture was improved in that he wasn’t leaning forward as much but there still were issues of him not tucking his bum, as Len would put. The major issue tonight was he still is not pointing his feet. It wasn’t as bad as the last couple of weeks but it’s still noticeable. I think what Anna really needs to do to fix that is either stick him in a ballet class or have a ballet teacher come to him.

He did a very good job considering the song that they were given was a hard song to dance a Tango too. Bruno said that the dance was very song, very detailed oriented. Could see that he worked on the stuff the judges asked him to work on. Carrie Ann said that the technique was amazing and loved the blend of artistry and technique. Finally, Len said that Evan nailed the Viennese Crosses which is a hard moved to master, as well as the rest of the technique.

Evan’s scores were:
Technique: 9, 8, 9 = 26
Performance: 9, 8, 9 – 26
Total: 52

In the night, I thought Evan’s Tango was the best while Kate Gosslin’s was the worst. I will have to say that compared to last week, Kate was improved. Her dancing is still atrocious but it was improved over last week. In terms of the rumba, the best rumba was Pam Anderson’s and I thought Carrie Ann underscored her.  I thought Nicey’s rumba was the worst.


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