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Team USA takes home four golds at U.S. International Figure Skating Classic

The third annual U.S. International Figure Skating Classic competition wrapped up Saturday at the Salt Lake City Sports Complex in Salt Lake City. It was a good start to the senior international season for Team USA.  They took home the gold in all four disciplines.

Senior Ladies Free
1. Polina Edmunds(USA)  63.27 + 113.08=176.35
2. Courtney Hicks (USA) 58.90 +115.24=174.14
3. Riona Kato (JPN) 61.55 +100.14 =161.69
4. Alaine Chartrand (CAN) 58.35 +103.30=161.65
5. Mirai Nagasu (USA) 55.46 +104.03=159.49
6.  Brooklee Han (AUS)   42.74 +  89.90 = 132.64
7 . Ashley Shin (USA)    49.83 +75.59 =125.42
8.  Fleur Maxwell (LUX)   36.59 +  79.57 =116.16
9 . Anastasia Kononenko(UKR)  41.14 + 74.27=115.41
10. Frances Clare Untalan (PHI)   43.90 + 67.45= 111.35
11. Beata Papp, (FIN)  32.26 +60.44 =92.70
12. Chelsea Chiyan Yim (HKG)    34.36 + 55.90 = 90.26
13. Brittany Lau, (SIN) 22.34 + 52.51 = 74.85

2014 Olympian and U.S. Silver Medalist Polina Edmunds had less than a two point lead over Japan’s Riona Kato going into the free skate. Edmunds nailed both her triple/triple combinations, but she was unable to complete the double toe loop in her triple loop, double toe loop combination.  Despite some mistakes, she earned 113.08, which was enough to take home the gold.  Courtney Hicks, who won this competition last year, was sitting in third place after the short program. After a clean free skate, completing all her elements, Hicks won the free skate with a 115.24. Combined with her short program, it was good enough for the silver medal. Japan’s Riona Kato finished in third place with an overall score of 161.69. 2014 U.S. Bronze Medalist Mirai Nagasu finished in fifth with a score of 159.49  and 2014 U.S. junior bronze medalist Ashley Shin finished in seventh.

Senior Men Free

1. Max Aaron (USA) 78.96 +161.26=240.22
2. Ross Miner (USA) 67.06+142.72=209.78
3. Daisuke Murakami (JPN) 68.56 +136.11=204.67
4.  Douglas Razzano (USA)  66.15   +133.42 =199.57
5.  Ronald Lam (HKG ) 66.67  +127.44 =194.11
6.  Andrei Rogozine (CAN)  65.29 +126.87 =192.16
7 .  Jordan Moeller (USA)  64.21  +125.60=189.81
8.  Bela Papp  (FIN)  54.91 +108.71=163.62
9. Maverick Egula(PHI) 42.47 + 85.72=128.19
10.  Balam Labarrios (MEX)

After the short program, 2014 U.S. Bronze Medalist Max Aaron found himself in the top spot, halfway to taking home his third consecutive gold at U.S. International Figure Skating Classic.  While his free skate wasn’t up to his expectations, he still managed to win the free skate and take home the gold. Team USA’s Ross Miner, who was in third place after the short program, took home the silver.  Douglas Razzano, who will make his senior Grand Prix debut at Skate America next month, finished just off the podium in fourth place. Reigning Junior Silver Medalist Jordan Moeller finished in seventh place. The event was his senior international debut.

 Senior Pairs Free

1. Alexa Scimeca and Chris Knierim (USA) 49.00 +114.24=163.24
2. Jessica Calalang and Zack Sidhu(USA) 51.92 +104.26=156.18
3. Madeline Aaron and Max Settlage (USA) 48.16 +90.36=138.52
4. Brittany Jones and Joshua Reagan (CAN) 42.94 +91.90=134.84
5. Marin Ono and Hon Lam To (HKG) 28.14 +62.20=90.34

After the short program, Team USA held  the first, second and third place positions and were looking to sweep the podium. They did not disappoint. After being in second place after the short program, 2014 Four Continents Bronze Medalists Alexa Scimeca and Chris Knierim won the free skate and claimed the gold medal. Jessica Calalang and Zack Sidhu, who were in first following the short program, took home the silver.  This is their second senior season together and it was their first time competing at this event. Taking home the bronze medal in their senior international debut was  Madeline Aaron and Max Settlage.

Senior Ice Dance Free

1.Alexandra Aldridge/Daniel Eaton (USA) 54.08 +87.62 =141.70
2.Nicole Orford/Thomas Williams (CAN) 53.74 +87.28=141.02
3.Anastasia Cannuscio/Colin McManus(USA) 46.34 +80.10=126.44
4. Marieve Cyr/Benjamin Brisebois Gaudreau (CAN) 46.96 +74.62=121.58
5. Pilar Maekawa Moreno/Leonardo Maekawa Moreno(MEX) 36.64 +60.46=97.10
6. Tatiana Kozmava/Aleksandr Zolotarev(GEO) 29.74+49.44=79.18

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